Early Childhood Development

The Early Childhood Development program encourages children to explore their world, challenges them to think critically, promotes creativity and strives for continuous growth in an environment in which they experience the excitement of learning. Our goal is to help children become independent, lifelong learners.

Early Childhood Development students engage with a rich and demanding curriculum that supports the development of an in-depth understanding of concepts and skills.

Early Childhood Development classrooms are characterized by a stimulating, caring and relaxed atmosphere. Students learn to take risks and explore their world through concrete experiences. As they develop a positive self-image, children become less self-absorbed and more sensitive to the world around them. They learn to deal with their feelings, become responsible, make decisions and gradually become independent.

The students enjoy exploring multiple approaches to solving problems and their teachers are expert guides who help them navigate the landscape of elementary learning.  Our students know the facts, algorithms and vocabulary, not simply because they’ve been taught, but because they’ve built an understanding of them which they will expand on as they move to Elementary School.

Early Childhood Development Program:
The four-year Early Childhood Development Program, for 3-year-olds (Pre-K), 4-year-olds turning 5 (Kindergarten 1) and 5-year-olds turning 6 (Kindergarten 2), provides an exciting and stimulating environment where the needs of the whole child are nurtured. Respect for the uniqueness of each child is central to the Early Childhood Development Program, with each child’s developmental level considered and accommodated. Different levels of ability, development and learning styles are expected, accepted and used to design appropriate activities.

Teachers in the Early Childhood Program prepare the classroom environment for children to learn through active exploration and interaction with adults, other children and materials.

Addressing the social and emotional needs of each child is an essential part of the Early Childhood Development Program. Fundamental is a positive self-image for all children — feeling confident about themselves and their ideas, as well as their abilities. Each child is encouraged to take risks and to view mistakes as natural learning experiences. The ages from 3 to 6 are times when children become more sensitive and aware of those around them and learn to be tolerant and respectful of the differing ethnic origins, feelings and abilities of others. Children also learn to develop and sustain good relationships.

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