Early Childhood Development Curriculum

Early Childhood Development students engage with a rich and demanding curriculum that supports the development of an in-depth understanding of concepts and skills.

The students enjoy exploring multiple approaches to solving problems and their teachers are expert guides who help them navigate the landscape of elementary learning. Our students know the facts, algorithms and vocabulary, not simply because they’ve been taught, but because they’ve built an understanding of them which they will expand on as they move to Middle School.


The children are taught to read with a blend of phonics and whole language, starting with a literature-rich environment in the Pre-K and Kindergarten. These young students learn their letter sounds and begin to piece together words to read.

Writing follows a similar path, where the initial attempts at writing in books with invented spelling are supported and encouraged, allowing the children to take risks and express their ideas. Gradually, they learn standard spelling and are also taught to organize their writing in increasingly sophisticated ways.


The essential goals of our math program include building children’s number sense, and developing computational fluency for accurate, efficient and flexible problem solving. Children acquire math skills and concepts through adult-guided experiences that respect children's concrete thinking and need to learn through exploration. Our math curriculum draws from a variety of best practices to teach right to children’s needs.  Learning activities build on children's natural interests and offer children the time and freedom to construct and reflect on math ideas.


Art projects are an integral part of the classroom curriculum. The teachers emphasize the importance of process, planning, and revision, all the while helping the children to create artwork that is distinctly their own. A display of children’s artwork adorns our classroom walls year-round.


The science program teaches students to be young scientists who make and test hypotheses and use effective inquiry to learn about things. Students learn through hands-on study and exploration of the natural and built world.


Students in Lower School have classes in Physical Education.  The Physical Education classes emphasize good sportsmanship and lifelong fitness as the children are taught fundamental skills they will use competitively in Elementary and High School. The children participate in a variety of sports, including football and athletics.


Homework is a part of school life and we introduce it gradually in the Early Childhood Development Program. Students are given homework in order to practice skills learned in class, as well as to develop their independence and responsibility.

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