High School

Life at the Senior School is always busy and stimulating. Whether in lessons, or through the enormous number of enrichment activities, or in the day-to-day care shown by the staff here, all pupils will find themselves challenged to bring the best of their gifts and energies to school life. They will also find that, if they do, they will have their best brought out of them and will be prepared for a rich and flourishing future.

We offer high standards of teaching, a great breadth of opportunities and, above all, a strong commitment to helping each child reach his or her potential. It is our aim to help every child discover the combination of strengths and talents that makes each unique, and to discover academic and wider passions that can most helpfully guide their future choices.

Ours is no academic hothouse: children thrive here because they are happy and engaged in their studies and enriched by their involvement outside the classroom. They are understood as individuals, and helped to be the best that they can be. They want to work hard and do their best; they rarely need to be made to!

Details of our curriculum, comprising our academic programme, by following the links of the left of this page.

Most of all, though, we encourage you to come and see us, and sample for yourself what Kay-Billie-Klaer Academy is really like.

Contact us

  • Address: American House, East Legon
  • Mailing Address:
    PMB L 7
    Accra, Ghana
  • Tel: +(233) 242 500 751
  • Tel 2: +(233) 249 172 109
  • Email: info@kbkacademy.org
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