Primary School

Primary School is a bustling, vibrant community of teachers and students classes 1 through 6. These "middle" years are a time for students to take on increased responsibility in academics and activities. In the classroom or climbing up a mountain during an outdoor education trip, Primary School students really begin to learn who they are.


The program at this level promotes the intellectual and social growth of each student in an atmosphere that respects the emerging adolescent. Middle School students learn to apply their abilities in critical thinking and analysis to new material in the sciences and the humanities and begin study of a foreign language, and they learn what it means to assume leadership positions. They take courses in Language Arts and Literature, Social Studies, French, and/or Latin, Mathematics, Science, Computer, Physical Education, and the Arts. In the Library Media Center, they spend time developing skills in research, reading, and analysis. Students also enjoy increased involvement in community service, student government, sports teams, and co-curricular activities.

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