Primary School English

Primary School English nurtures engaged readers, thoughtful writers, and effective public speakers through close reading of thought-provoking essays and books, varied writing assignments, and participation in public presentations. In classes 1 through 4, in addition to word study and development of vocabulary, children are also engaged in reading for information and pleasure. They learn to infer meaning and examine authors’ motives in class discussions, readers workshop and book clubs. Our students work in small groups that target specific phonetic and comprehension skills. Writing follows a similar path, where the initial attempts at writing in journals with invented spelling are supported and encouraged, allowing the children to take risks and express their ideas. Gradually, they learn standard spelling and are also taught to organize their writing in increasingly sophisticated ways.

We believe there is no substitute for deep reading that allows young readers to try on new perspectives and ways of seeing the world, and to listen to voices other than those directly around them. Every class in Middle School has a dedicated reading period once a week for independent reading in order to preserve time in which to explore one's own reading choices and to feel comfortable reading for longer, uninterrupted stretches of time.

Students in classes 5 and 6 have regular instruction in vocabulary and learn vocabulary through the context of the books they read together.

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