Primary School French

Foreign Language courses are designed to instill an appreciation of the benefits of studying another language while developing specific language skills. Students are taught to communicate effectively in basic social situations and within the cultural context, developing proficiency and confidence in speaking, reading, writing, and listening. 

Currently the only foreign language offered in the Primary School at Kay-Billie-Klaer Academy is French. Class One students are introduced to French language and culture. This enables them to gain a rudimentary understanding of the patterns and rhythms of the languages. We want them to have a positive learning experience.

In a world that has become more connected than ever, the learning of French is an asset for any cultured person. French, along with English, is the only language in the world deeply rooted in five continents. In Europe, French is spoken not only in France, but also in Belgium, Luxemburg, and Switzerland. In Africa alone, French is the official or co-official language in over 20 countries.

Through a natural progression of courses, students learn how to comprehend, speak, read, and write French as well as to appreciate the socio-economic and cultural aspects of the French speaking world. Oral practice is guided by means of an audiovisual program designed to develop natural speech patterns, pronunciation and intonation.

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