Admission Process

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1. Read about KBK from

2. From the Secretary, obtain, complete, and return Assessment Request Form.

3. Pay Assessment fee.

4. Obtain from Secretary, a date and time for assessment. All applicants seeking entry   into the school will be tested.

The testing has several components that are mandatory for entrance such as English Language skills and Mathematics, a writing sample, Science etc. that will test his/her preparedness for the class you apply for. If he/she passes the test, he/she will be placed in that class. If not able to, he/she may be retested for the next lower class. If he/she is still not able to do it, he/she is inadmissible. Your child's reading ability will also be checked. The school's standard is that every child must be able to read appropriate standard material easily before he enters Class 1.

Student-applicant must bring the following: Mathematical Set, foot-rule, sharpened pencils, pens, and counters (for children in lower classes).

Your child will be minimally supervised, and will not be under any pressure during the assessment.

5. Parent-applicant is invited by the Admissions Secretary to review marked scripts and recommendation of Admissions Committee. Parent-applicant signs 'Blue Card' to indicate they have reviewed the marked scripts and recommendations. (Marking of assessment scripts and evaluation of student's performance take at least five working days)

6. A date may be scheduled for parent-applicant to come for an Admission Interview.

Admissions Interviews are held on Thursdays beginning at 11:00 am when there is more than one family to be interviewed. Both Mother and Father are to be present; also, in the case of guardians, both guardian spouses. Parents seeking admission for children 9 years old-plus or Class 4 and above must come with the children. There may be counselling for the student-applicant, where necessary.

7. Parent to collect, complete, and return Admission Form, Health/Medical Examination forms, if admission is to be given. Completed forms must have all attachments. (Partially-filled forms or forms without all required attachments will not be considered). Admission forms must be filled in neat, clear, legible handwriting, leaving no doubt as to what has been written. Forms filled unclearly will have to be replaced with better-filled ones, at a cost.

8. Admission letter and bill issued.

9. Parent-applicant pays this first bill in full before child begins at KBK.

10. Class uniforms, P.E. outfit, Polo shirt, stationery supplied, and child starts school.

Waiting List

In the event of capacity enrollment at a class level, the Admissions Office will maintain a wait pool.  Applicants in the wait pool will be considered for admission as openings become available.  If and when space is available in a class, the parents will be advised immediately and asked to confirm that they still wish their child to enter KBK.  Parents confirming their continued interest in having their child attend KBK will be required to pay the current tuition and fees immediately once space is confirmed.

Other Important Application Information

PLEASE NOTE: Once a place is offered, the student must at that time be enrolled and tuition paid in order to hold the place for immediate or later entry within the school's calendar year.  A family cannot defer a student's entry for the next school year without reapplying and submitting the necessary documentation and application fee.

Class placement to Kay-Billie-Klaer Academy is a collective decision by the Admissions Office after we have reviewed all requested application documents. Preliminary in this placement are three factors: how well the child does on the test, the age of the child, and a determination that the child and parent can complement the class and learning environment we have in the school and enhance the multicultural diversity and academic and behavioral discipline of KBK.

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