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FAQs about Admission

1. When can applications be submitted?

Applications can be submitted at any time during the school year. Please note that, since we do have wait pools in certain classes, early applications are encouraged.

2. How do I apply?

Please carefully review the information on our website under Admissions. A detailed account of the procedures is included there.

3. What ages are students in KBK?

We accept students from

  1. 1 to 5 yrs (Preschool)
  2. 6 to 11 yrs (Primary)
  3. 12 to 15 yrs (Junior High)

4. Should my child be fluent in English to attend KBK?

Only if your child is applying for JHS.

5. Will my child need to take a placement test?

All applicants seeking entry into KBK are tested.
Entrance / placement tests are scheduled after a review of the application and school records by the Admission Committee. 
The testing has several components that are mandatory for entrance such as English language skills and mathematics, a writing sample, etc. 
Please note that results of screening tests may take up to five working days. We encourage families to arrange for testing at the school at their earliest convenience. The Admissions Office will contact you for scheduling and to announce final full admission after the test.

6. What is the average class size and what is the student-teacher ratio?

We maintain low student-teacher ratios. Our maximum ceiling in preschool is 15-1, and in Primary upwards 20-1.

7. How do I pay the GH¢300 application fee?

You pay this fee in person at our office.

8. When does the academic year commence?

The academic year commences in September and ends in July.

9. What qualifications do the teaching staff of KBK have?

The teaching staff are made up of trained teachers, first degree holders and above, who have had at least 3 years of teaching experience. We also run weekly Pedagogy Workshops for our academic and administrative staff on Wednesday afternoons.

10. What languages are offered at KBK?

The language of instruction is English. KBK offers French in classes from Kindergarten through SHS. We also offer Twi in Basic school.

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