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Secondary School Teacher

Job Title: Secondary School Teacher

Contract type: Full Time

Job Goals:

  1. To raise expectations, challenge and support all students so that they reach high levels of achievement as measured by multiple assessments.
  2. To assume professional responsibility for providing learning experiences.
  3. Supervision of students in a supportive and positive climate that develops in each student the skills, attitudes, and knowledge.
  4. To meet and exceed the Curriculum Content, using approved curricula, materials and directives of the school.


  1. Minimum of Bachelors Degree in Education or equivalent.
  2. A minimum of three years working experience

Scope of Responsibility:

  1. Teaches one or more subjects to students in Junior or Senior High school.
  2. Instructs students, using various teaching methods, and uses audiovisual aids and other materials to supplement presentations.
  3. Prepares course objectives, outlines and lesson notes for course of study that align with the curriculum frameworks or requirements.
  4. Assigns lessons and corrects homework.
  5. Administers tests to evaluate student progress, records results, and issues reports to inform parents of progress.
  6. Keeps attendance records.
  7. Maintains discipline in and outside the classroom.
  8. Computer-process all their teaching and learning materials.
  9. Meets with parents to discuss student progress and problems.
  10. Participates in faculty and professional meetings, educational conferences, and teacher training workshops.
  11. Performs related duties, such as sponsoring one or more activities or student organizations, assisting students in selecting course of study, and counseling student in adjustment and academic problems.
  12. May be identified according to subject matter taught.

Candidates should:

  1. possess a commitment to helping children achieve high academic standards in a lively and engaging manner.
  2. be willing to cooperate as an active member of our team and contribute to the vibrant extra-curricular life of the school.
  3. be competent in the use of ICT and able to computer-process all their teaching and learning materials.
  4. be able to promote a well organized and stimulating learning environment.
  5. have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and work well in teams.
  6. be reflective and seek to develop their teaching practice.

We will provide:

  1. An excellent salary.
  2. Opportunities for involvement in ongoing professional development.
  3. The chance to live in a culturally rich society.




How to Apply:

Handwritten applications and typed CVs should be deposited in the Mail Box at the School. Clearly state your area of expertise.

Location: American House, East Legon. For Directions to the school click here.

Closing date:  Friday, 11th August, 2017.

The Administrator




Contact us

  • Address: American House, East Legon
  • Mailing Address:
    PMB L 7
    Accra, Ghana
  • Tel: +(233) 242 500 751
  • Tel 2: +(233) 249 172 109
  • Email: info@kbkacademy.org
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