Kay-Billie-Klaer students are distinguished not only by their commitment to excellence in academics, but also by their eagerness to explore new interests and expand their talents in the arts, athletics and service to the community. Some of the co-curricular activities we offer include:

KCC (Kingdom Children Club)

Kids 4 Christ! We are children who have decided to set ourselves apart for Jesus and for the work of winning lost souls. We Follow the Son and have fun! fun! fun! all the way. Join our exciting family and start your amazing journey to heaven.

Girls Guide Club

Guiding helps girls solve different problems encountered at each level of maturity.

Boys Scouts

The Ghana Scout Association is the national Scouting association of Ghana. Scouts are involved in many community service projects.

Red Cross

We offer domestic disaster relief, community services that help the needy, and the educational programs that promote health and safety.

Wildlife Club

The Clubs consist of groups of young people interested in animals and plants as well as the environment. Started with just two clubs in 1987 but by 1995 had over 300 clubs in schools and communities throughout the country.

Writers and Debaters Club

The club seeks to satisfy them that hunger and thirst for knowledge. Find knowledge and justify yourself.

Sport Activities

Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Table tennis, and Athletics... Join a sports club team and develop your motor skills. Develop your talents on the field and become a star.


Join the Drama and Dance club and learn to act, perform and move with grace on the stage.

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