Who we are

The first thing that most visitors tell us they notice about Kay-Billie-Klaer is that it feels different from other schools they may have known or visited.

The school, they frequently say, feels calm but purposeful, full of busy young people and staff eager to go about their business. Very many comments that there is a tangible warmth about the place, and sense quickly that ours is a happy community and that this happiness is somehow the key to our obvious success. It has the feeling of somewhere smaller than it is but the buzz of a busy and vibrant place.

We believe that this unique atmosphere is a product of many things.

First and foremost is the abiding quality and strength of the relationships that exist between all members of our community, built on clear people-centred values. Secondly, we believe that our understanding of the over-riding purpose of a KBK education helps us to aim very high and fires the vision we have developed to promote and sustain our commitment to giving our young people the very best  and most relevant preparation for their futures. Thirdly, our history helps to explain the remarkable success story.

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Contact us

  • Address: American House, East Legon
  • Mailing Address:
    PMB L 7
    Accra, Ghana
  • Tel: +(233) 242 500 751
  • Tel 2: +(233) 249 172 109
  • Email: info@kbkacademy.org
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